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Salesforce to wyjątkowa platforma CRM w modelu SaaS. Bez instalacji, bez infrastruktury. Craftware posiada unikalne referencje w zakresie wdrażania rozwiązań Sales, Service Cloud i Force.com. Już od ponad czterech lat rozwijamy jeden z największych systemów tej klasy na świecie dla dużej firmy farmaceutycznej.

Case Study


Zmieniamy Twój dział IT w IT-Ninja, wspierając programistów, QA i administratorów w procesie produkcji usług dla biznesu, od projektu systemu, przez jego development do wsparcia produkcji

Case Study

Salesforce AppExchange

Wszystko o Salesforce AppExchange. Jesteś dostawcą oprogramowania, tworzysz aplikacje web, Twoi klienci używają platformy Salesforce? Szukasz możliwości dotarcia do 3 000 000 nowych klientów korzystających z AppExchange, a może tracisz potencjalnych klientów, ponieważ Twoja aplikacja nie integruje się z najpopularniejszym CRM na świecie?
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Form of cooperations



We strongly promote best practices.

Our experts will optimise the work of Your project team by becoming a part of it. They will help the programmers to adopt agile work methodology. They will deploy and teach Your team how to use the tools that support the software development lifecycle process. They will assist You with the project work, helping to make the best practices last for long.


Training Courses

We eagerly share our knowledge and experience.

We will provide a quick start for Your project by training the whole team from a selected area of our specialties. We have unique practical knowledge especially in two areas: Force.com and optimizing the software development process. We will tailor the training agenda based on Your specific needs.


Project implementation

We implement projects tailored specifically for You.

In this approach we contract a fixed scope, for a fixed date. We cooperate tightly with the customer, trying to keep an atmosphere full of trust. We guarantee delivery of a working solution, with proper analysis, architecture, tests and support for the system.


Team Leasing

Your project has an unspecified scope?

You can start work immediately, by leasing a whole team from us. We achieve immediate effects, thanks to our agile work model. We keep the highest quality standards, and our teams work according to our set of best practices.


How we work


Short iterations


Constant release readiness

We believe that tight cooperation with You and quick feedback about the working product is the key to success in every project. We use agile and light approach.


We deliver working product quickly and often, which allows You to focus on your real needs.


We start every iteration with You by creating detailed requirements, we finish with a finished product that is ready to be deployed.

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